C-Reveal's proprietary technology developed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University helps the body's natural immune system to identify and kill cancer cells.

Our immune systems rely on tumor antigens to recognize what is and isn't a tumor. Certain tumors have low antigen loads and don't set off any alarm bells in the immune system. Because of this, new exciting therapies that enlist the immune system to fight cancer are less effective, only working well in approximately 10% of patients.

Our company has discovered 2 key cancer-specific enzymes that, when inhibited, reveal hidden tumors to the immune system and allow existing cancer immunotherapies to work in a greater numbers of patients.

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C-Reveal Therapeutics is led by a highly experienced leadership team with extensive backgrounds in oncology research and multiple previous exits in the space.


Thomas Haag, Ph.D, J.D.

C-Reveal Therapeutics Co-founder

Dr. Haag is a biotechnology IP lawyer, investor and entrepreneur. He previously served as co-founder and acting CEO of PhosImmune, acquired by Agenus, Inc.(NASDAQ:AGEN) for $45 million. He is the founder of Haag Life sciences Law and is a Managing Member of Linden Lake Venture Capital. Dr. Haag has a 20-year background in biotech IP and served as partner and Co-chair of Seyfarth Shaw LLP's Life Sciences IP Practice.


Mark Cobbold, M.D., Ph.D.

C-Reveal Therapeutics Scientific Co-Founder

Dr. Cobbold currently serves as the V.P. of Oncology Early Discovery at AstraZeneca. He previously co-founded Gritstone Oncology, which IPOed with a $100 million market cap. He also served as Scientific Co-Founder at Serascience, which was sold to Abingdon Health, PhosImmune Inc. (acquired by Agenus) and Revitope Oncology.


Keith Flaherty, M.D.

C-Reveal Therapeutics Scientific Co-Founder

Dr. Flaherty previously co-founded Loxo Oncology, which was acquired by Eli Lilly for $8 billion. Dr. Flaherty currently serves as the Director of Clinical Research at the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. He is also a Professor of Medicine at Harvard University and leads the Developmental Therapeutics research program at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.


Cyril Benes, Ph.D.

C-Reveal Therapeutics Scientific Co-Founder

Dr. Benes currently serves as the Director of Oncology Bioinformatics at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation. He previously taught as a professor at Harvard Medical School and is the former Head of the Center for Molecular Therapeutics at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Previous Exits

Phoslmmune, acquired by Agenus,Inc. (NASDAQ:AGEN) for $45 million
Gristone Oncology, IPO with a $100 million market cap
Loxo Oncology, acquired by Eli Lilly for $8 billion
Sera Science
Serascience, sold to Abingdon Health


Linden Lake Netcapital Inc